Victorian Covered Silver Tankard John Chapple and John Mantle London 1890

R 34,950.00

For your collection a rare find : A Victorian covered silver tankard, John Chapple & John Mantle, London, 1890 of large proportions .The cylindrical body embossed with flowerheads and scale-work enclosing a crest, the scroll handle with heart-shaped terminal, the hinged domed cover with pie crust rim and ball thumbpiece embossed with an armorial, enclosing a gilt interior, raised on three claw-and-ball feet, 21,5cm high, 1180g

The silver tankard is a cylindrical drinking vessel with a handle, a thumb rest and quite often a hinged lid, which stems from the Renaissance and is widely considered to be a typical German object. The bourgeoisie used the antique silver tankards for the consumption of beer. Furthermore, the tankard found a considerable place as an object of splendor in princely art collections and cabinets of curiosities. Additionally, the tankard was often offered as a gift of marriage. Small and beautiful antique silver tankards date to the Renaissance. A type which was very beloved and prominent in Germany and the German-speaking countries is the coin-tankard, a silver tankard with inset coins.


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