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  • Neverdull Magic Wadding Polish 142g

    $ 18.95
    • ZAR: R 260.00
    • EUR: € 15.47
    • GBP: £ 13.39

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    Perfect cleaning results and mirror finish for aluminium, chrome, brass and many other metals. Removes rust, tar and other dirt. Contains no abrasive substances, so there is no risk of scratching.

  • Hagerty Copper, Brass, and Bronze Polish 250ml

    $ 21.50
    • ZAR: R 295.00
    • EUR: € 17.55
    • GBP: £ 15.20

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    Cleans and takes care of copper, brass and bronze. It allows to maintain and restore the item’s luster without damaging them. The cleaning is easy, gives almost instant results and does not cause any micro-scratches or marks on the metals. Copper, brass and bronze objects or accessories are cleaned and shiny again.