A ring with 12,638 diamond embedded sets a world record

Most diamonds set in one ring

An impressive Guinness Record was set by an Indian jewelry store during these last days of 2020. It is a luxurious ring that is composed of more than 12 thousand diamonds.

The piece is called The Marigold, “The Ring of Prosperity” consists of 12,638 diamonds that together weigh 165 grams. The design of this jewel is inspired by the marigold flower, which symbolizes the “good fortune” in the country of its elaboration.

The artist Harish Bansal (25) who works for the jewelry house Renami Jewels and who spent three years creating the ring. “You can wear it and it’s comfortable,” he told the Indian media Hindustan Times, where he also recounted that they have no intention of selling it.

The ring belongs to the Indian jewelry house Renani Jewels, and has a total of 12,638 diamonds in one piece, giving it a weight of 165 grams.

According to Renani Jewels, it took about three years to complete the “Marigold diamond ring”, as each of the petals that give body to the sophisticated flower design was individually crafted.

“My goal was always to set more than 10,000 diamonds. I destroyed many designs and concepts over the years to finally focus on this,” admitted the man who took the title of the person who “has put the most diamonds in a ring,” as the medium gathers.

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