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Pair of Royal Worcester Moon Vases

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Royal Doulton Simone Figurine

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Perhaps it has something to do with us being essentially ‘hunter/gatherers’ but it is quite a phenomenon how people love to rummage through filled to the brim antique shops looking for that treasure of an antique or that item that could start them off on another collecting trail.

You might be that collector who has only one collecting passion – let’s say you collect Royal Doulton Bunnykins or Character Jugs. You might, on the other had, have a wonderful Wedgwood dinner set, but you have been looking for that one piece that broke ages ago. Let’s not forget our Figurines who find their place into your heart. You might be an animal lover collecting Beswick animals, a happy Hummel collector or your love might be Lladro.  

Perhaps you are a collector who just really love old things and has an eclectic taste in vintage and antique items and furniture or you find art deco just delicious. You love the smell and feel of old things and are a romantic at heart – often imagining yourself as a grand Victorian dame having her tea from fine porcelain or an Edwardian prince having a feast filled with the finest silver in the land.

There are also those serious collectors and investors. Making choices now to buy for the future. Finding furniture sculpted from the best woods in the world.

At Clyde on 4th we love helping you find those perfect pieces because we believe that half the Fun is in the Finding!
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Source: The Collector

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