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Royal Copenhagen Sea Lion 1441


Royal Copenhagen Sea Lion  1441
Made in Denmark
T Madsen
Height: 12cm by 11.5cm
In excellent condition
Fully Marked

The figurine has been manufactured in a limited number of pieces and as a warranty of authenticity is featured with the Royal Copenhagen trademark, the Crown above the three wavy lines and the painter’s initials. The trademark underneath the base varies according to the manufacturing period and from this can be deducted the year when the figurine was manufactured.

The manufacture of the Royal Copenhagen porcelain figurine is exclusively handmade with a deep respect for the old traditions. During the manufacture process the figurine is handled by different hands of expert artisans.
It is with these expert hands that the paste is poured slowly in the molds and the different parts of the figurine gathered. The carvings are made with firm hands and, after a first cook in the furnace, the figurines are painted and afterwards glazed by hand. For these reasons, each of them are a unique piece of art signed by the painter.

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