Aladin meets the magician Rosenthal Studio line Plate

R 495.00

Aladin meets the magician Rosenthal Studio line Plate

Decorative and Collectable plates

Motif 3 : An African Magician chooses Aladin to bring him the wonderful lamp from out of a subterranean enchanted garden. He makes Aladin a gift of fine clothes and entices him into the magic mountain.

Diameter: 16cm

These collectors plates tell the story of one of the best known figures in ‘The Thousand and One Nights’: Aladin, fortune favourite, who discovers the world’s greatest treasure and emerges unschathed from even the most perilious situations.

Bjorn Wiinblad tells the story in masterly fashion in twelve most important stages. Each plate is decorated in brilliant colours on intense cobalt blue. The valuable gold ornamentation gives heightened effect to the scenes.

Great Condition

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