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Cherry Blossom Lamp Fragrance 500 ml


Cherry Blossom Lamp Fragrance 500 ml
It is the focal point of a thousand-year-old custom, the symbol of an entire nation. In Japan, its finest prints are dedicated to it, as well as the most inspired haikus. From Maruyama Park in Kyoto, from Mount Yoshino to Osaka Castle, the cherry tree offers a display of rare beauty in the early spring.
This Cherry Blossom fragrance invites you to appreciate this ephemeral splendor, this contemplative interlude. The fragrance opens up with a flight of slightly citrusy notes. Slowly, the noble and gracious heart is revealed, while the elegance of cherry blossom competes with the delicacy of rose and green tea. The sweetness then settles in on an enigmatic base of dry amber. Perfume secret In Japan, the cherry blossom is so important that its contemplation, called hanami, was raised to the status of philosophical activity in the 8th century. In the spring, everyone is invited to take part in introspection. People stroll with family or friends under the blooming trees, reflecting on themselves, accepting the ephemeral character of life, and rejoicing in the future.

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