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Lampe Berger Ottago Red Infuser 4619


Lampe Berger Infuser
Ottago Red

Fascinating in many ways, this Lampe Berger plays with paradoxes, sometimes soft and sometimes volcanic, it defies standards and attracts attention.
The glass body of the Lampe Berger Red Crystal is coated with an elegant red lacquer, intense and warm. Although timeless, this colour must be used sparingly and makes this object a real centrepiece of your decoration. Its modern and faceted design brings a real rock’n’roll touch to your interior. The round, shiny silver metallic frame creates a contrasting effect, both in terms of material, shape and colour, emphasizing a touch of daring femininity. This Lampe Berger Red Crystal will charm you with its uniqueness, just like the iconic Black Crystal before it or the current Blue Crystal. It remains to associate it now with one of our interior fragrances which will reveal all its personality and awaken your living space. Whether they are flowery or fruity.

Lamp sold in a gift pack with accessories: wick-burner, ball-shaped mounting, stopper and funnel.

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