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Galet Gris Maison Lampe Berger 4330


Maison Lampe Berger
Lampe Berger Galet Gris
An original model in blue coloured glass for an ultra-modern decoration.
Lamp sold in a gift pack with accessories: wick-burner, Perle mounting, stopper and funnel.


Move the burner from the lamp if you do not intend to use it for several weeks.
Change the burner after it has been lit 200 times, or every year.
Clean your burner between two fragrance with the Pure Air – So Neutral Home Fragrance.
Adjust the intensity of your fragrance by diluting it with the Pure Air – So Neutral Home Fragrance.
Using fragrances other than those of Maison Berger can seriously damage your burner.
Height: 15cm
Material: Glass
Mount: Straight and heavy mounting, shiny silver finish
Color: Blue
Reference: 004638
Volume: 400ml

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