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Maison Berger Cube Scented Bouquet Orange Cinnamon


Maison Berger Cube Scented Bouquet
An original fragrance in a designer bouquet to scent your home
A solid, thick glass cube whose discreet elegance will fit into all interiors; a bouquet of 8 black polymer sticks for optimal diffusion A Maison Berger exclusivity for this new cube scented bouquet.
Orange Cinnamon fragrance evokes The freshness of citrus fruits combined with the warmth of spices and candied fruits, warmed with a note of amber and sensual white musk
Diffusion time approximately 4 weeks.
Contains a transparent bottle stamped with Parfum Berger filled with 125ml of Délicat Osmanthus fragrance and 8 black reeds in engineered polymer.

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