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Umberto Adaggi Gladiator Abstract Face 2001


Umberto Adaggi
Signed and Dated
Gladiator Abstract Face
On a wooden plinth
Over painted on wood
Measuring 41cm in height
Born in Rome in 1944, Umberto was trained as a still photographer in Italy’s. After entering this country (South Africa) in the late sixties, he gradually inserted himself in the film industry including TV, features and documentaries. Parallel to this, his wood carvings gradually developed. Umberto produces relief panels in wood, painted in ritualistic motifs. While in the imagery is clearly figurative, enhanced by the use of warm and cold colour. His work reflects the bridge between two cultures African and European, without either influence being allowed to dominate his work. Umberto has exhibit in USA in 1998 and 1999, and continues to exhibit in South Africa.

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