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Josef Lorenzl Art Deco Female Dancer Cold Painted 1930


Josef Lorenzl 1892-1950
Art Deco Female Dancer
Cold painted  bronze
Modelled and cast as a girl adopting a stylish pose in a blue jacket and red to gold trousers
On Brazilian Onyx Base
Signed Lorenzyl
The dancer is in mint condition with a few tiny flea bite chips to the base
Height: 24cm

Josef Lorenzl, Austrian 1892 ~ 1950

Lorenzl Dancer –  Art Deco period the talented sculptor and ceramist that cannot be ignored is Josef Lorenzl. A master designer, his bronze statuettes and ceramic figural work epitomise the era perfectly. As with Preiss, Chiparus and Colinet the other great sculptors from this period, Lorenzl was inspired by the female form and the new found freedom that women enjoyed, which he  executed beautifully both in his bronze and ceramic designs.

Lorenzl is considered amongst the most important artists of the Art Deco period and his distinctive and quite stunning art deco figurines are highly sought after by collectors. A celebrated sculptor with an eye for design Lorenzl epitomised the Art Deco era perfectly making him one of the most celebrated and iconic designers of the 20th Century.


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