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Hagerty Silver Foam 185ml


Hagerty Silver Foam Cleaner
Foam cleaning mousse and sponge that gently cleans Silver, Silver plate, de-silvered Silver
Helps to preserve the silver hallmarks and the silver plate on silver plated pieces
Restores shine, sparkle and long lasting protection.
Quick wash and shine cleaning action is specially suited for frequently used cutlery and serving pieces
185 ml
Includes sponge water based
The use of this product to clean your silver items is simple – just wet the sponge and then dip it in the tub , you will notice the sponge will start to foam
Use the sponge to rub over your silver times – rinse in water and then dry clean. Leaves no residue
Items with fabric linings such as picture frames it is better to use the silver polish cloth also from Hagerty.

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