Journey to Bahia Fragrance Oil by Lampe Berge

R 220.00

500 ml Journey to Bahia  Fragrance Oil by Lampe Berge- fragrance of contrasting aromas, in which the mellow scent of caramel blends, with a rare and undefinable beauty, with the full flavour of coffee, the intoxicating warmth of amber and the sweetness of vanilla. – A mellow and mouth-watering start note (caramel, star anise) refreshed by an acidic and invigorating note (lime). – A heart note constructed around the full-flavoured and powerful smell of black coffee, associated with the sophistication of leather and flower notes (jasmine). – At the base, warm (vanilla, amber) and wooded notes (sandalwood, patchouli). 500 ml: 20 hours of use for approximately 80 hours of fragrance

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