Susie Cooper

Susie Cooper left A. E. Gray & Co. Ltd where she had been a decorator and designer in October 1929 to establish an independent pottery business, first at Tunstall and then at the Chelsea Works, Burslem. In 1931, at Harry Wood’s invitation, Susie Cooper moved her design and decorating studio to the Wood & Sons Ltd Crown Works in Newcastle St, Burslem, where she operating as the ‘Susie Cooper Pottery’. The association with Wood & Sons continued and in 1959 she purchased the Crown Works as the base for her expanding business. From c.1950 Susie Cooper’s new focus was on bone china and the last earthenware pattern (2429) was registered in July 1964. Production of earthenware ceased shortly afterward. The Crown Works remained the base for Susie Cooper’s design studio until the Works were closed by Wedgwood in 1980.

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