Animal lovers have been well served by the Royal Doulton studios for over a century. Domestic pets, farm livestock, wild animals and birds have all been represented along with some entertaining character creatures. The most celebrated character dog in recent times was Jack the Bulldog, who had a starring role in the James Bond movie Skyfall. Naturalistically painted models of animals and birds were first introduced to Doulton’s HN collection in 1913. Many designs from the 1930s were commissioned from well-known animal artists, notably the Championship Dogs series by Frederick Daws and horse models by William Chance. Racehorses were the speciality of Graham Tongue, head modeler at the John Beswick studio in the 1980s. During the last hundred years, many Royal Doulton animal models have been decorated in rouge flambé glazes, pioneered by Art Director, Charles Noke.


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