Cornish Ware

The T. G. Green pottery was established in 1864 when Thomas Goodwin Green purchased the Derbyshire pottery of Church Gresley from a Henry Wileman. For many years, however, it produced only quite utilitarian kitchen and table- wares, such as mixing bowls and teapots, which were in steady demand locally.
Although the Cornishware range included a wide selection of tablewares, the most collectable and sought after pieces are the named kitchenware shapes, typically storage jars, sifters and the like. Each bears the name of a specific ingredient and there are a vast number available with varying degrees of rarity.
In increasing order of rarity, keen collectors might hope to add names such as Cloves, Mustard, Almonds, Brown Sugar, Apricots, Margarine and Mace to their collections .


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